Wood slices: What Are They Good For?

Wood slices. What are they good for? If you’re looking to save money and recycle your scrap wood, you can use it to make several handy things like wooden shelves, kitchen utensils, or even large-scale furniture items like tables and chairs. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to use your wood slices and turn them into beautiful new things you can use in your home!

Wood Slice Flooring

Wood Slices
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Save Money and Protect Your Floor! Although wood floors look amazing in any home, they’re a bit on the expensive side. If you’re looking to save money but still want that wood floor feel, wood slice flooring may be just what you need. In fact, although many people do not realize it, wood slice flooring is made from real pieces of wood; it is not fake.

The pieces can range from an inch to six inches wide and over several feet long, so installation is much simpler than hardwood flooring. Wood slates also come pre-finished with a sealant so there is no sanding or staining needed! This is great because it helps cut down on costs by allowing you to finish your new floor quickly. Plus, if you decide later that you want your floor refinished or re-stained, all of these tasks will be simple enough for most DIYers! Overall, when compared to other types of home flooring (such as carpet), wood slab prices offer more value per square foot.

Wood Slice Furniture

Wood Slices
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The appeal of wood slice furniture is that it brings together a retro-style design with a modernist approach to construction. But what exactly are wood slices and how can you use them in your home decorating projects? To answer these questions, we need to look at how wood slice furniture is made. Wood slice furniture isn’t a single style of design but instead represents a wide variety of pieces, many of which reflect different aesthetics and materials. However, they all follow a basic formula: plywood sheets that have been sliced into 1⁄4-inch to 1⁄2-inch thick rectangles. Each piece is then placed on top of another layer and adhered with glue or another bonding agent before getting sanded down for smoothness and an even finish.

Wood Slice Centerpiece Decor

Wood Slices
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Wood slice centerpieces, popular at wedding receptions, really bring in a homey feel. Instead of using a bouquet of flowers or other decoration that has to be placed on each table, you can use wooden slices as centerpieces instead. Inexpensive and easy to transport, these homemade wooden slice centerpieces will make your event look like it cost a fortune! To prevent moisture from getting into where you place your flowers, coat all sides of each wood slice with varnish before bringing them home. This helps protect your wood from rotting as well as acts as an additional layer against moisture damage. For extra protection, place your slates into plastic sleeves while transporting them home; make sure to get different-sized sleeves so that you can fit some around corners. Then just decorate according to taste – these wooden slices work great with any color scheme and theme!

Wood Slice Walls

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Wood has long been used in interior design, mainly as furniture. But now you can install a wall made from wood—without having to cut down a tree. All you need is some time and patience, and an understanding of how to do it right. WallSaver offers a selection of engineered wood veneer lumber sheets that replicate popular heartwood species. The panels come in custom sizes and can be installed like any other wall covering—without special tools or heavy machinery. It’s easy to create a one-of-kind look with your choice of panel arrangement and decorative accents like molding, trim, or shelving units; not to mention, wood won’t warp or crack like wallpaper will over time.

Wood Slices Clock

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Wood slices have been used to make various items of art, such as clocks and picture frames. A wood slice clock can be made by gluing a slice of wood onto a circular clock. A few coats of varnish can be used to help protect your new clock. This can make an interesting piece of art in your home or office that you and others can enjoy looking at. Of course, if it’s decoration only you’re after then any old slice will do.

Wood Slices Trays

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Wood slices can be used in several ways. For example, you could cut them into circles and use them as trays for appetizers or drinks. If you’re planning a picnic, wood slice trays are an easy way to transport and present food on site. Simply pack everything you want to take on your trip onto a wood slice tray and carry it outside; when you arrive at your destination, simply flip over your wood tray for a clean presentation. Some wood-slice trays can hold up to eight pounds of food (or more). These come in handy if you’re having a large party or cookout.

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