Wood Headboards: How To Paint Them?

If you’re looking to dress up the look of your bedroom, painting wood headboards can be an easy and affordable way to do so. Just follow these easy steps, and your wood headboard will be as good as new!

Supplies you’ll need

Brush – Buy a good quality brush from an art supply store. You can even find them at your local dollar store. If you’re using a stencil, choose a smaller brush for fine details. Choose a larger brush if you are painting large surfaces or features like ornate designs. Brushes that are too big for your project may make it hard to control and could make thin lines look fuzzy and thick lines look streaky. It’s also important that you use a brush with synthetic bristles, not natural ones because they shed more easily when wet and may contaminate your paint with hairs, even though there are brushes made specifically for wall painting.

Sanding wood

Sanding your wood headboard before painting it is crucial for two reasons. First, it helps smooth out imperfections in your piece that could lead to cracking and peeling later on. Second, it gives you a solid base coat (even if you’re going for something with a more rustic look) that can really help cover any blemishes or other mistakes. You can rent a sander from your local home improvement store for a few bucks, or simply use sandpaper by hand. Just be sure not to sand too much—you want some roughness left on your wood so that your paint will adhere better and won’t chip off as easily over time.

Painting wood

Painting wood headboard

Wood is a great material for headboards. One of the best things about wood headboards is how durable they are. You don’t have to worry about your pretty paint job getting chipped or scratched off over time; wood will hold up against wear and tear much better than other types of material. On top of that, there are plenty of colors and finishes to choose from, so you can really personalize your headboard based on what you like best. There are no real rules when it comes to painting a wooden headboard—you just need a little bit of paint, some brushes and rollers, some primer if necessary (though most paints will work fine on bare wood), and some painters tape if you want clean lines around each side of your board.

Applying polyurethane varnish

Applying polyurethane varnish on wood headboards

Polyurethane varnish is one of two popular kinds of varnishes used on wood. Unlike lacquer, which shrinks as it dries, urethane dries with virtually no shrinkage. It’s good for furniture and all other types of wood that are subject to high wear and tear, such as wood headboards. When applying urethane varnish, you’ll want to choose a product that specifically says it’s appropriate for headboards or bedroom furniture. You may also want to buy an extra large can so you don’t have any leftover by the time you get around to your next project.

Apply clear coat

It’s important to add a layer of protective clear coat after you’ve finished painting your headboard. A clear coat will keep away moisture from your newly painted surface, which could otherwise lead to water damage in time. Another benefit is that it adds shine and vibrancy back into your wood. It may seem like an extra step, but trust us—it’s worth it. We recommend opting for satin finish paint and applying two coats so as to achieve optimum results. Simply wait at least 24 hours before applying your first coat, as it needs some time to dry thoroughly. Apply your second coat immediately afterward and let dry for another 24 hours before use.

Remember: if you ever want to remove any additional layers of paint on top of your original color, be sure not to apply another layer on top for at least 10 days so as not to mess up any results!

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