Wall Decoration Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before

You probably have some wall decoration ideas in mind, but don’t stop there! While there are plenty of decorative wall ideas that everyone has seen time and time again, there are tons of unique wall decoration ideas out there that can really make your room stand out from the crowd. From fun and quirky décor to budget-friendly ways to display artwork, here are five great ideas for decorating walls that you might not have thought of before.

Wall decoration with paint

Painting a wall is much cheaper than hanging a piece of art, which can be prohibitively expensive. If you’re trying to decorate on a budget, try painting one or two accent walls in your living room or bedroom; you can quickly transform an entire room for just a few hundred dollars. You don’t have to paint anything but one wall, either; painting half of your living room will make it feel like a whole new space and leave plenty of money left over for new furniture and/or other accessories. With fresh paint as your guide, you’ll have no problem picking out matching throw pillows—it’s much easier when all of your pieces are in color harmony!

Wall decoration with shelves

If you want to accentuate a wall, or if you simply need somewhere to put your books, frames, vases, and other bits and pieces of memorabilia, a shelf is an ideal choice. Shelves look good in every room of your home and are generally easy to install. A wall decoration like a shelf is also perfect for renters who can’t make permanent changes to their walls. To create maximum impact with minimal effort, it helps to have some different ideas up your sleeve – don’t forget that there are lots of types of shelves that can be used in combination with each other. For example, try mounting two side-by-side on one section of the wall then add another across from them above your sofa or bed.

Wall decoration with mirrors

wall decoration

Wall mirrors make a room look brighter and more spacious, and are an inexpensive way to add interest. Hanging one just below eye level will also make you appear slimmer, as you’ll be standing closer to it. Mirrors reflect light throughout a room, which is why they’re so effective at brightening up dark spaces; they also bounce sound around—which can help cover up annoying noises like dripping taps or traffic outside. If there’s only space for one mirror in your house, put it in your bedroom: mirrors reduce stress levels in humans and dogs alike, meaning you’ll get a good night’s sleep (and your dog won’t bark as much).

Wall decoration with plants

wall decoration

Living walls (or vertical gardens) can bring you peace of mind, even if they just mean that your plant needs are taken care of while you’re out. All you need is a planter, soil and a grow light. If you’re worried about bringing in pests like ants or aphids, don’t be; bees, butterflies, and other insects love plants too. Start with some popular low-maintenance houseplants like cacti or succulents to keep things simple. Choose a container made from natural materials (like bamboo), which looks great on its own, but also helps introduce wildlife into your home naturally.

Wall decoration with Macrame

wall decoration

Macrame is a fun way to decorate walls in a modern fashion. It’s also cheap and easy to do, as you can use any material you have lying around in your home. Try macrame on a bedroom wall to add an eclectic look or combine it with yarn bombing, creating an interesting decoration that will turn heads when people walk by. To start off, all you need is some rope (or string or wool), as well as a few simple tools like a pencil, scissors, and tape measure.

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