TV Wall Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

A TV wall can be the focal point of any room, but it’s important to get the design right before you proceed with installation. Don’t rush it! There are plenty of options out there to choose from, whether you’re looking to give your living room an entirely new look or just want to upgrade the space with something modern and stylish.

Wooden TV Wall

TV wall

You can’t really get a TV wall that looks classier than one constructed out of wooden planks. At least, not without breaking your bank balance! For something different, opt for wooden planks that have been stained in different colors. The result? A TV wall that will blow your mind (and impress your guests). And guess what? You don’t even need expert help to do it! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be good to go.

Backlit Television

TV wall

A backlit television gives you a more eye-catching and attractive look for your room. Additionally, you’ll find that a lot of these backlit TV units come with built-in shelves, so you can hang your other media devices and components. This way, everything is already stored in one place and nicely organized. If you’re looking to add some panache to your living room or bedroom, then a backlit TV might be just what you need!

Wall Mounted Units

TV wall

Never thought you could mount your TV? Well, you can with a wall-mounted TV. You’ll notice there are some major differences between a wall-mounted unit and a non-wall mounted one. First off, weight is a factor; it will be heavier than one not wall mounted. This means it won’t tip over easily if bumped into, but take care to make sure kids don’t run into it all day long!

Floating Units

TV wall

Installing floating shelves above your TV can transform your wall into a stunning focal point. Not only will they display frames and objects that you wouldn’t be able to hang on a typical wall, but they can also be used to showcase family photos, figurines, or other decorative items. Installation is simple and requires minimal tools; all you need is drywall anchors and screws. You can easily finish it in the afternoon. Perfect for when company comes over!

Marble Panels

TV wall

If you’re looking for something that offers more than a standard flat screen, try going with marble panels. It’s stylish and eye-catching, and because marble is such a large slab of stone, it won’t warp over time. As well as being functional, it makes for a great talking point.

Exposed Bricks TV Wall

TV wall

If you’re looking for a vintage feel, exposed brick is always going to be a solid choice. Especially in these days where reclaimed wood and materials are all so popular, an exposed brick TV wall is truly one of a kind. This particular design features not only exposed bricks, but also rustic ceiling lights and unique hanging pendant lights. All in all, it’s just pure excellence.

The Book Lovers Wall

This design is perfect for book lovers, featuring an easy-to-assemble wall designed to hold books. Building your own wall can give you total control over its size and shape. Add as many shelves as you want, depending on how much space you have available and how many books you intend to display. This design works best in a small nook or corner because it has little width but lots of height. However, with a small amount of creativity, it can work in almost any setting.

The Box Shelf

For those who want to keep their TV as part of a decorative vignette but aren’t thrilled with leaving it out in plain sight, hanging a narrow box shelf underneath is a great option. The box shelf can hold pictures, memorabilia and more; try filling it with framed photos of loved ones. TIP: For added decor value, purchase a plain box shelf from your local hardware store and then frame your own art for display on top of it.


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