Rooftop Design Ideas That Are Out of This World

Rooftop design ideas can take your house from ho-hum to out of this world! If you’re tired of the same old houses on your street, and want something that will stand out in your neighborhood, consider these unique rooftop design ideas and enjoy the envy of your neighbors.

Add Big Screen Projector

Rooftop design

In recent years, many commercial building owners have been installing huge projection screens on their rooftop. But that’s only one component of rooftop design and construction. By working with top architectural firms and utilizing contemporary technology, building owners can come up with a wide variety of imaginative, visually-stunning designs for their roofs.

Add Plants

Rooftop design

Adding plants to your rooftop design is a great way to liven up an otherwise-bland environment. Whether you’re planning on adding flowers, trees, or just pots of pansies, a little greenery will help balance out other design elements and turn your rooftop into an elegant retreat.

Lounge Area

Rooftop design

A great rooftop design starts with a plan. Before you can design anything, you’ll need to establish where your lounge area will be located. You don’t have to draw up blueprints or get out your ladder and tape measure just yet, but it is important to know whether you want your lounge area in a corner or directly next to an exterior wall, for example. This will save you time later on when it comes time to start designing your rooftop patio.

Wooden Benches

Rooftop design

If you have a porch, deck or patio on your rooftop, wooden benches are a simple way to add some style. Wooden benches come in different styles and shapes and can give your rooftop a more welcoming feel. Some wooden benches will have backrests while others may not have any backs at all. Even without backs these benches provide seating for two people at a time so they’re great for couples looking to spend some time together up on their roof top or in their garden area.

Add Swings

Rooftop design

Swings can add a whimsical touch to any rooftop and provide a fun way for kids (and adults) to enjoy it. When combined with a slide, such as a zipline, swings create an exciting adventure for families in search of a fun new hangout spot. Swings add personality to rooftops and can make them stand out among neighboring buildings.

Rain Curtains

Rooftop design

While it may sound odd, rain curtains can be a great way to optimize rooftop gardening space. In order to create a rain curtain, you need to put up a wall that follows how water flows off your roof in a certain direction (i.e., away from your house and onto your garden). Rain curtains can lead to higher water efficiency in gardens as well as minimal stormwater runoff into storm drains. The cost is also very low compared with other garden design options like raised beds and containers.

Hot Tub

The perfect addition to any rooftop, hot tubs offer a place for your friends and family to kick back, relax and soak up some rays. One thing you should be aware of: A hot tub is not just a big bathtub with jets; it’s much more complicated than that. Hot tubs come in two styles: In-ground units are built into concrete slabs and above-ground units attach directly to decks.

Small Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a small space, try a rooftop garden. Smaller gardens that take up less space can be just as fun and beautiful as larger gardens. A rooftop garden may be best suited for you if you’re limited on space or have little time to commit to gardening. Here are some tips for creating a smaller, more manageable garden

Rooftop Patio

A patio on your rooftop allows you to reap all of the benefits a traditional ground-level patio has to offer. From an escape from city life, to a place for friends and family to gather, your rooftop patio will be sure to add extra character and excitement to your abode. Take a look at some inspiring rooftop patio designs below!


Rooftops are not just for sunbathing anymore. Hotels and public areas are now including firepits, gardens, and cabanas to turn their rooftops into true social gathering places that people can enjoy year-round. A rooftop with a firepit is a great place to host an end-of-the-year happy hour with coworkers or organize a weekend barbecue for your family.

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