How to Make Home Decor Candles

Your home’s interior design is one of the first things people notice when they enter your home. From the furniture you choose to the art on your walls, every design element should reflect your personal style and taste. Home decor candles are a great way to add some stylish flair to your living room, bedroom, or dining room while also making it more inviting and cozy! They’re also great gifts that you can create and give to family and friends during special occasions such as birthdays or housewarming parties. Check out this guide on how to make home decor candles to learn more about these candle-making techniques!

Step 1 – Gather Supplies

home decor candles

To make home decor candles, you’ll need some supplies. Here are what you’ll need: fabric, wooden dowels or plastic sticks (available at crafts stores), a jar that can be used as a candle holder, and a variety of beads and decorations. If you don’t want your home decor candles to smell like traditional candles, then you should also get scented beads that won’t leave any residue on your wax. You might even find that an open-flame burner makes it easier to melt down leftover wax—but if you do use an open flame, just remember to stay safe!

Step 2 – Design Your Candle:

Once you have all of your materials gathered together, start thinking about how you want your home decor candles to look. Use pieces of fabric in varying colors and lengths for a fun bohemian vibe—if possible try to choose fabrics with patterns and textures similar to wicker baskets so they really resemble basket candles when lit. Cut out long ribbons into squares so they easily wrap around wooden dowels, then glue them onto a stick.

Alternatively, you can simply tie beads to sticks without adhering them down. If using plastic sticks (rather than wooden ones), just be sure that none of your decorations or fabrics will catch on fire as it could endanger anyone who uses your candle holder. You can also mix it up by gluing different decorative items like seashells or sand dollars to your candle–just be sure not to put anything flammable in your holder! For example, don’t use seashells that have sharp edges as these could break apart under heat and splinter off into flames.

Step 3 – Melt Down Wax:

home decor candles

While waiting for candle supplies to arrive from an online retailer (around 2 weeks usually), melt down wax from a store-bought jar candle with an open flame. You’ll want to do two or three trial runs in order to figure out exactly how long it takes you to meltdown wax and how much of your new home decor candles you can make per batch of melted candle–but remember, if you work too fast or hot, your plastic sticks may not be sturdy enough and could eventually burn!

Once you’ve worked out all of these kinks, fill up as many votive holders as possible—you can even use other vessels that hold smaller amounts like jam jars if needed. The more candles you make now, the less time you’ll have on your hands when everything else arrives in about one week; just leave them by a window at room temperature in order for them to dry overnight! If you used scented beads, let them sit for about 12 hours after filling the holder before lighting. This will allow time for any residual smell leftover from making your first batch of wax evaporate away so it doesn’t mask your desired scent!

Step 4 – Enjoy Your New Decor Candles:

home decor candles

Now that you have made the candles, display your beautiful handmade home decor candles however you’d like—they look lovely grouped together on a mantelpiece or place individual ones throughout different rooms to create ambiance wherever they are. But don’t forget why you made these decorative items in the first place; set aside some special moments where they can be enjoyed while creating memories with family and friends…the best part is really sharing it all with people you love! There’s nothing more rewarding than getting compliments from guests when they come over to see how pretty everything looks now. Since making decorative home decor candles isn’t hard, take a crack at them yourself next time you have an afternoon of extra time and enjoy crafting for no reason other than fun!

Step 5 – Clean Up:

Clean up any wax spills as soon as possible using dry-powder solvent and cotton balls. Keep flammable objects away from open flames. And remember always to keep safety in mind whenever melting down candle wax or working with glass. Most importantly, have fun making your own custom decorations! There’s nothing better than being able to customize every element of your house…and when it’s something unique like handmade home decor candles, even better!


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