DIY Macrame Ideas to Decorate Your Home

DIY macrame ideas can be used to decorate your home in many ways. Your personal DIY macrame ideas will depend on the style of decoration you want, whether you want to make an accent piece or your entire home. If you’re an experienced macramé artisan, you may already have some great ideas on how to use DIY macrame ideas to fill your home with style and personality. But if you’re new to this art form, it can be hard to get started. Here are some beginner DIY macrame ideas that will help you get started making your own decorations!


DIY macrame wall decor

Hang macrame wall decor in your living room. Macramé is an excellent way to add texture and style without splurging on a pricey piece of art or furniture. You can learn how to make several macramé pieces yourself in order to update your home decor and stand out from traditional home decor. Make an inexpensive centerpiece by hanging a beautiful piece of macramé artwork above your dining table, or hang it on a large wall in your family room as a focal point. 


DIY macrame storage ideas

DIY macrame storage ideas

If you’re running out of room for stuff, here are a few DIY macrame storage ideas to help keep your life orderly and organized. As it turns out, there’s a lot you can do with rope. In fact, using rope in place of drawers or shelves is actually pretty brilliant. For one thing, it’s cheaper than most other materials you could use. Secondly, it adds some much-needed texture and style that would otherwise be missing from an all-white wall. 


DIY macrame seat decoration

DIY macrame seat decoration

To get a simple DIY macrame seat decoration, all you need is a chair and some rope or string. The height of your decoration will depend on how many times you weave it around your chair. Use long pieces of strong string for an over-the-top look, or use shorter pieces if you prefer something more subtle. You can also switch things up by using wool or leather string in place of a regular string. To get started, tie one end of your rope around one leg of your chair. This will be where you begin threading through your macramé pattern. 


DIY macrame frame

DIY macrame frame

Macramé is an art that involves making knots on a piece of string. Macramé will give you an interesting texture and color in your home, but it can be difficult to make a macramé frame yourself. You can save time by choosing ready-made items, or you can make them yourself using our DIY instructions. If you’re going for frames, get started with our no-sew macrame frame, you won’t believe how easy it is! Or create a colorful gallery wall with these rainbow macrame pendants. For something less permanent, try one of these quick and easy DIY macrame bows for instant glamour!


DIY macrame plant hanger

A macrame plant hanger can add a little bit of whimsy and style to your home. If you have a balcony or deck with room for an eclectic array of potted plants, a macrame plant hanger might just be what you’re looking for. This particular design is not overly complicated and would probably work well as a beginner project if you’ve never done macramé before. Note that it will take some time, but having these beautiful handmade decorations in your home is definitely worth it! And they are so cheap (and easy) to make!





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