Clean A Carpet: The Best Ways To Do It!

How often do you clean a carpet? It’s important to keep your carpet clean, but what if I told you that you’re doing it wrong? Believe it or not, there are many things that can destroy the pile on your carpet if you don’t clean a carpet the right way. First, though, let’s talk about what it means to have clean a carpet, and then we’ll get into how to do it right!

Stain Removal

clean a carpet

The best way to clean a carpet is a bit different depending on whether you want to remove existing stains or just keep them from occurring in the future. For existing stains, there are two steps: pre-treating and removing. Pre-treating involves using an enzyme cleaner or spot remover that’s designed for that type of stain. Look for products with active ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, phosphates, or oxalic acid because these are safe for your carpet and will break down residues like food and drink.

Deep Cleaning

clean a carpet

Vacuuming your carpet daily is a great first step, but many people don’t go any further than that. If you’re looking for a deeper clean and want to learn about all of your options, read on. Steam Cleaning: Many professional steam cleaners claim to be able to eliminate 99 percent of germs from your carpets. If their claims are true, then steam cleaning could be your best bet. The process involves using high-pressure steam in combination with some kind of chemical solution to remove stains and provide deep cleaning. The end result is generally considered healthier for you as well as more pleasant for you and those who spend time on your carpet—but it won’t remove everything.

Prevent Stains From Happening

clean a carpet

The easiest way to prevent stains from happening is by taking care of them as soon as they appear. For example, if you spill wine on your carpet, use a dry cloth or paper towel immediately and make sure it’s completely absorbed. If you don’t, you run a high risk of leaving an unsightly stain behind. You can also try removing spills with an absorbent clean cloth or paper towel right away; otherwise, blot up liquids that have already been spilled and wait until they dry before vacuuming.

Regular Cleanings

Regular carpet cleaning is one of those things that feels like a luxury if you’re doing it all on your own but could end up being an expensive necessity if you’re not. Regularly scheduled appointments can help ensure that your carpets stay clean and fresh-smelling for as long as possible. And can also help with any major issues that crop up. Scheduling regular cleanings are often cheaper than dealing with a big stain or replacing damaged carpeting. Keeping your carpets clean will also keep them looking good longer, which may keep you from replacing them before you absolutely have to!

Get Rid of the Bad Odor

Odors can be caused by a variety of sources from pets to smoke, or simply from food or drink spills. Fortunately, removing odors is possible in most cases. However, not all odor eliminators are created equal so you’ll want to make sure that you clean a carpet effectively and use a product that will eliminate odors instead of covering them up. To ensure that you get rid of odors fast (and keep them away). Check out this guide to get rid of odors right now!!

Vacuum at Least Once a Week

The most important thing you can do for your carpet is vacuum it regularly. Most people only vacuum their carpets about once a month, which is far too infrequent. At least once a week. You should vacuum each room in your house. Preferably with a decent-quality upright or canister vacuum. When you do so, make sure that you get deep into all corners and crevices where dust bunnies tend to accumulate. Vacuuming will not only remove visible dirt and hair from your carpet. But also help loosen up dirt trapped in fibers. And if vacuuming alone doesn’t work? Don’t despair, You can always turn to professional carpet cleaning services (your local gym might have an arrangement with one) for an even deeper clean a carpet!


Protect and Maintain it with Covers and Mats

To keep your carpet protected and maintained, it’s important to use floor covers and mats when appropriate. Covers should be placed over areas that might get heavy wear. For example, if you have a bed or pet bed in your bedroom. It’s probably a good idea to put a protective cover over it. The same applies to any furniture with which you’ve covered your carpets, such as armchairs or ottomans.

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