10 Home Mirror Designs That Make You Say Wow

Home mirrors are great accessories that can give a lot of personality to your house, no matter the style you’re going for. Whether you want something sleek, modern, classic or rustic, there’s a mirror design out there that will work perfectly with the rest of your decor while giving you the ability to reflect on yourself and your surroundings every day. Here are ten different home mirror designs that should inspire you to choose one as part of your next renovation project!

1) Mirrored Wall

home mirror

Mirrors act as a visual anchor, pulling together a room and providing that something extra. A wall of mirrors adds space to a small room and reflects light, giving your home an open look. For example, a mirrored wall behind your headboard will reflect light from your window, making it appear larger.

2) Multiple Mirrors In One Room

If you’re short on space, then multiple mirrors might be a good solution. When placed correctly, they help expand small rooms and make them appear more spacious. If your home has a foyer or entryway, place a mirror there to enhance its size and make it look brighter. Otherwise, hang wall-mounted or freestanding mirrors in smaller rooms to help expand their apparent size.

3) Pass-by Mirror

home mirror

If you’re looking for a mirror that’s easy to install, yet still provides a statement piece of design, then a pass-by mirror may be perfect for your needs. A pass-by mirror is one that hangs on a wall by your front door, so as guests and visitors walk through your home, they can view themselves. And what a great conversation starter!

4) Vanity Lights On Mirrors

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The next time you’re updating your bathroom, consider adding a mirror with vanity lights. It’s a great way to create an atmosphere that makes it feel like you’re getting ready for your first date, every day. Some bathrooms already have built-in light features above or around their mirrors. But if yours doesn’t, why not consider adding them?

5) Round Mirror On Fireplace

home mirror

Home mirrors designs ideas don’t have to be difficult. Simply hang a round mirror on your fireplace to help you add light and more reflectivity to your room. The result will instantly improve any space. With different styles and types of mirrors on offer, it’s worth finding a simple yet stylish mirror for your living room or bedroom. If you are in need of home mirrors designs ideas, simply follow these tips from experts around town. You will love your new home makeover!

6) Full Length Horizontal Mirror

home mirror

A full-length mirror with a horizontal orientation is ideal for bedrooms. The long view of your body may be intimidating at first, but seeing yourself from head to toe in one simple glance helps you catch minor imperfections and correct them before they snowball into major problems. If you’re in need of a full-length mirror but don’t have room for a giant hunk of glass, consider buying an inexpensive mirror, painting it black and hanging it vertically.

7) Combine Mirrors and Plants to Add More Nature

Mirrors can help you increase space in your home, as well as make a room look bigger. By adding plants to these mirrors, you are able to bring nature into your living space. Mirrors and plants are beneficial for your home: mirrors create an illusion of more space, and plants purify and freshen indoor air.

8) Window Shaped Mirrors

home mirror

Add style to your home with a mirror that’s shaped like a window. Depending on how large your home is, you can create one large centerpiece or add several smaller ones throughout your home. In any case, don’t forget to clean them regularly. Cleaning glass mirrors can be challenging because you don’t want to scratch them in any way; using vinegar for cleaning is often a great option, though you may need some heavy-duty cleaning cloths for tougher dirt and grime.

9) Place Double-Sided Mirrors Instead of Single Sided Ones

It is quite common to find homes with single-sided mirrors in rooms and hallways. We suggest you place a double-sided mirror in front of your mirror, which would make it an ideal home mirror design. The reflection is larger and clearer than that of a single-sided one, thus making it more visually appealing.

10) Add Lights Behind Your Mirror for an Additional Shine

Lighting is a great way to bring attention to your mirror. In fact, many interior designers use lighting as an effective tool for any room in which they want to call attention to a piece of art or furniture. When placing mirrors in your home, it can be helpful to add lights behind them for an added shine. Home mirror designs are all about getting creative with placement, whether it’s incorporating elements of natural sunlight into a design or creating your own personal statement with unique shapes and contours.

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