10 Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

A farmhouse living room can be the most relaxing place in your home. It’s where you can come to unwind at the end of the day, and it’s also where you can entertain friends and family with ease, because it’s spacious enough to be comfortable and inviting, but not so large that it feels overwhelming. Add your own touches to make this a space that’s all your own! Here are 10 farmhouse living room decor ideas to get you started.

1) Red Accents

Farmhouse Living Room

Red accents add a pleasant warmth to any living room, creating an inviting atmosphere. When decorating your farmhouse living room, consider using red as an accent color in your furniture and accessories. Add a warm pair of throw pillows or vibrant rugs to bring out some red and give your home that welcoming touch. Consider adding small hints of red here and there for extra effect!

2) Wall Tiles

The first and easiest item to pick up for a farmhouse living room are wooden wall tiles. They’re relatively cheap, come in a ton of different colors and finishes, and can be easily removed when you change your mind on how you want your home to look. Look for ones with a nice finish, as these will work best for a space that’s going to get lots of use.

3) Simple Wood Coffee Table

Farmhouse Living Room

If you like that rustic, farmhouse vibe but want to incorporate a bit of modernity into your living room, consider purchasing a simple wood coffee table. Wood is earthy and durable. It’s more natural than glass or ceramic and can be easily sanded down to remove any nicks or scratches. A simple wood coffee table will set you back no more than $50 at IKEA and won’t be hard to match with other furniture in your home.

4) Natural Light

Farmhouse Living Room

One of the most important things about a farmhouse living room is making sure you have an abundance of natural light. This will make your space feel much more open and airy, and it’s especially important in rooms that have high ceilings. Check out windows and skylights for obvious areas, but also think about adding lamps to other spots around your home that get a lot of sun—this will give you great lighting for reading or working at night.

5) Farmhouse Style Rugs

Farmhouse Living Room

Have you just moved into a farmhouse? Or are you looking to create a more homey, country look in your living room? If so, then you’ll want to consider adding some rugs. Rugs with subtle farm house styles will help anchor and define your space, while also creating a soft cushion for your furniture. The best thing about these kinds of rugs is that they are easy to find and even easier to place.

6) Wooden Armchairs with Natural Upholstery

Farmhouse Living Room

A classic wooden armchair with natural upholstery can be used to give a room warmth and a comfortable, homey feel. The combination of wood and natural fabrics is easy on your eyes, especially if you’re sitting in an armchair in your living room. A simple lamp placed behind an armchair will also help create a warm glow that’s hard to resist.

7) Wall Art

Farmhouse Living Room

One of my favorite ways to dress up a living room is with interesting and fun wall art. I love finding inexpensive pieces that add just enough to fill an entire wall, like a mid-century modern piece or a mirror with texture. This also creates an awesome opportunity to hang up your original photographs, something that you normally wouldn’t be able to do in an area where there’s already so much natural light. Instead of hanging them vertically, play around with leaning them on your walls horizontally!

8) Large Windows with Frames

Larger windows in your living room let in more natural light, making them feel open and airy. Also, adding window frames gives your space a finished look. When decorating around large windows, keep furniture simple so as not to overwhelm or distract from them. For example, you could use a large sofa with minimalist decor next to them. This will allow those beautiful natural light through!

9) Plain Wooden Flooring

Can you think of a better place to put your feet up than on a simple wooden floor? Whether you paint it plain white or stain it with your favorite wood color, wood floors are clean and classic. They also add a sense of warmth to any room that some other floor types simply can’t provide. Although it may be traditional, there’s nothing dull about using wooden floors in your living room! Read on for ten unique ways to use plain wooden floors in farmhouse living rooms!

10) Soft Yellow Walls

Painted in a soft yellow, these walls give off an inviting vibe that invites residents to kick back and relax. Yellow is also a color that promotes creativity and stimulation, so it’s well-suited for an area where ideas are discussed and developed. To achieve more of a golden yellow look, opt for warm white paint with added yellow pigment to achieve your desired tone.


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