10 DIY Custom Furniture Hacks to Update Your Home

With these 10 DIY custom furniture hacks, you can revamp your old furniture and give it an entirely new look at only a fraction of the cost of buying something new. Here are the 10 DIY custom furniture hacks that will refresh your home, without breaking the bank.

1) Fabric Ottoman

Furniture Hacks

If you can sew a straight line, a fabric ottoman is an about as low-hanging fruit for custom furniture hacking as you can get. Even if you have absolutely no skill in crafting, go down to your local upholstery shop and see if they’ll let you play around with some scraps. Maybe they’ll even give you an old piece of foam or vinyl that could be repurposed into something new.

2) Old Door into a Rustic Bar Cart

Furniture Hacks

Sprucing up your home with just a few simple, cleverly placed furniture pieces is easier than you think. You don’t need lots of cash or even a lot of time; all you need is some imagination and creativity. Why not give an old door new life as a rustic bar cart? Old wood has its own beautiful appeal, and a bar cart will add charm to any room in your house. Give an old piece of wood new life by transforming it into a rustic bar cart.

3) Wooden Crate Chairs

Furniture Hacks

Updating a dining room or your kitchen’s seating ensemble with a pop of color doesn’t have to be difficult. Wooden crates are cheap, sturdy, and easy to paint, in just three steps, you can have them looking as great as new! If you don’t have any wooden crates on hand (and they do seem like something that would be readily available at a hardware store), you can use wood planks or sturdy cardboard boxes instead.

4) Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table

Furniture Hacks

Pallets may not be your first thought when it comes to creating furniture, but there are tons of creative ways you can upcycle them into tables and chairs for a unique look. This project takes pallet wood and turns it into a custom coffee table. An easy hack, all you need is a saw or jigsaw and some stain!

5) Garden Planter Bench

Furniture Hacks

Want a bench that can serve as a place to sit and take in your garden view? What about a bench that can function as a planter? For homeowners who have space, they may want both. With some hard work and easy custom furniture hacks, homeowners can create their own garden planter bench using supplies from hardware stores.

6) Plywood Platform Bed

Furniture Hacks

An easy way to create a custom-looking platform bed is by using inexpensive plywood. With just four pieces of plywood and some basic tools, you can make an entire new bed frame for much less than buying a ready-made platform. The plywood base simply gets set on top of your mattress, box spring and old frame; you don’t need any additional legs or support materials to make it sturdy. Best of all, you can paint or stain it any color that matches your bedroom decor perfectly.

7) Pallet Wood Bunk Bed

Pallet wood is one of those materials that is really cool because it’s industrial, cheap and readily available. Using a custom furniture hack, you can create your own pallet bunk bed for a fraction of what you’d spend in a store. The bed pictured above costs around $40 and looks amazing!

8) Round Upcycled Drum Coffee Table

Furniture Hacks

Shabby chic furniture is trending once again. If you love that distressed look but don’t want to spend a fortune, round up some discarded drums, cut them in half and have a local artisan turn them into amazing, one-of-kind coffee tables.

9) Reclaimed Wood Desk Hack

This is one of our favorite custom furniture hacks. Wood from old shipping pallets can be a perfect material for building a rustic desk or table in your home, especially if you’re trying to add some industrial-style flair. Try using reclaimed wood that’s been salvaged from construction sites, although you can use any type of wood as long as it’s solid and sturdy enough for your needs.

10) Turn Unused Shelves into Bookcases

If you have an unused shelf in your bedroom, living room or kitchen, try turning it into a bookcase. Not only is it a great way to declutter, but it’s also relatively easy and affordable. You can create a lot of additional storage space by adding more shelves or installing hooks if there isn’t enough room for them. Using command strips and screwing directly into your wall will make these sturdy enough for hanging heavy books.


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