10 DIY Closet Makeover Ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to DIY closet makeovers, and no two closets are exactly alike, either. That’s why this list of 10 DIY closet makeover ideas is so handy. Whether you want to completely redo your wardrobe storage space from top to bottom or just add some finishing touches, these projects will provide you with inspiration and step-by-step instructions for DIY closet makeovers that are perfect for your unique needs and tastes!

1) Add Color

Have you been afraid to add color to your closet because you’re worried it might be too much? Nonsense. In fact, there are many design experts who say that adding bold pops of color is one of their favorite things to do. When it comes to DIY closet makeovers, there are no rules. Give yours a modern look by painting different sections a bright blue or purple. Why not take inspiration from nature and add shades of green?

2) Choose the Right Lighting

Proper lighting is essential to pull your look together and create a cohesive closet. If you don’t have enough natural light, you can use track lighting or overhead lights. In addition to making it easier to see what you’re doing when putting outfits together, well-placed lighting will help give your closet a polished look and make your clothes pop.

3) Don’t Forget to Add Baskets

Closet Makeover

A lot of closets come with wasted space, either because they’re missing a rod or because there’s no place to put stuff. If your closet is like that, don’t be shy about bringing in DIY closet organizers! The easiest way to add more storage is with a shelf or two, but if you need something a little less permanent (or complicated), try adding some wall-mounted hanging baskets.

4) Hang Your Shoes Outside

For a cute and crafty DIY shoe rack, consider hanging an old ladder from your ceiling. Drill some screws into both ends of your old ladder and turn it into an upcycled shoe rack for your closet! You can use a piece of string or tape to measure where you want to hang it, then remove one rung at a time until it’s in just the right spot. This is also a great solution if you’re renting and cannot drill holes in your walls.

5) Organize Your Accessories

Closet Makeover

Accessories can easily pile up in a closet, which is why you need to make a space for them that’s separate from your clothes. A DIY organizer can help keep everything in place and make it easier to sort through pieces when deciding what to wear. Plus, adding an accessory organizer will help give your closet a more stylish vibe—and isn’t that what organization is all about?

6) Try Ladder Shelves

Closet Makeover

While they’re often most practical in a basement or garage, ladder shelves can be great for closets too. If you’ve got a lot of tall items, try building ladder shelves onto your existing closet shelving system. The design allows you to utilize vertical space while keeping things close enough to grab when you need them. The result is an organized and more visually appealing walk-in closet.

7) DIY Floating Shelves

Closet Makeover

Floating shelves are a great addition to any closet. With a little bit of wood, a miter saw, and some nails you can have some amazing-looking shelves to hang your clothes. These projects don’t take long at all, and once you get used to making them you’ll have them down in minutes!

8) Give Your Closet Some Height

Given that space is limited in most closets, maximizing vertical storage is an easy way to squeeze in more clothing. Try installing a wall-mounted rod with shelves or drawers, or set up a series of stacking crates (or make your own by nailing together some small wooden boxes). Whatever you do, don’t buy one of those four-drawer solutions; they take up so much floor space that they aren’t worth it.

9) Display an Outfit or Accessory That Inspires You Daily

Choose an outfit or accessory that makes you feel great, and keep it where you can see it. If that’s on your desk at work, put a picture of it on your computer; if it’s in your bedroom, hang a photo of yourself wearing it on your wall. Doing so gives you access to inspiration anytime.

10) Transform an Empty Wall Into a Bathroom and/or Vanity Space

If you don’t have a closet but would like to create more storage space, consider converting an empty wall in your bathroom into a vanity area. If you already have a closet, you can use one of its walls as a built-in cabinet.


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